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セラムン/亜美ちゃん by ヤミ on pixiv



MISS DREAM IS ON IT! Look at this amazing piece so damn fast I love them!
Read about it on their site, or click the image, or the source link!

WOW thank you for the bump! :D

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Listen- some people do yoga for health, spirituality, all that, that’s fine. But me? I do it so that I can perfect my magical girl transformation sequence. Grab this nerdy fitness shirt as you stretch and pose yourself into a glimmering anime princess.

u wu The weather is so so nice today! Ahhhh I wish it could just stay like this forever! Wig :- Lockshopsailor moon necklace :- Glitterbomb
Calling all Anime Followers

Sorry for this non-Sailor Moon post, but I am looking for some new Anime to watch. I just finished SOA and I am caught up with Fairy Tail (& Manga).

What I am looking for: Magical, romance, drama

I would appreciate any in-boxes with recommendations and if you preferred the dub or sub of the title. :D

I totally recommend Heaven’s Lost Property and Mai-Hime to those who have not watched yet! 

Love, TheSailorMoonBlog


Just got these in the mail!!!! Such cute babies!